We are Technacy, in name and in fact.
We believe in innovation and constant renewal, being aware that the ideal solution does not exist, but there is a best possible solution that we pursue with creativity, skills and method. Above all we believe in the constant and sincere relationship with our customers, in the loyal sharing of a mutual growth. All our customers, even small ones, receive the same great service that we pursue with dedication. We try to infuse passion and ethics in our thoughts and actions because improving the world we live in is, for everyone, the greatest value.

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Our services

Turnkey customized solutions.
SOFTWARE FACTORY: more than 15 years of experience in the development of turnkey solutions, from design to development to after-sales assistance.


Our experience and professionalism at the service of companies to create new infrastructures or manage existing ones.


We strongly believe in the reusability of other people’s experiences and the linux world offers endless possibilities: low costs, excellent performance, perfect functionality. pfSense, Enterprise firewall system, Mailcleaner, Antispam/Antivirus, Elgg, Social platform, Joomla, Web content management, ownCloud, Cloud system, Eucaliptus, Virtualization