Apparently the effectiveness of texting is a paradox in the sophisticated technological world that surrounds us. In reality, when - in the midst of many emails, WhatsApp messages, several notifications from a thousands of apps - the text message sounds different and requires immediate, almost reassuring attention. When we see a text message from the identifiable sender, to whom we have authorized the sending ourselves, from the big brand to the optician nearby home informing us that our glasses are ready or the trusted mechanical workshop proposing a date for the tyre change or for review, in these cases we pay the utmost attention and we discard all other ways of communicating.

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Our solution

It allows the sending of text messages through a very simple web portal: user profiling divided into sectors/offices and with various roles, management of the address books from which to take the users to whom to send the text message, operation history to see the work done and its outcome.

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Do you want to implement the possibility of sending a text message from your app? This is the right service for you. By calling a simple web service you will be able to send, receive and check your text messages.

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Do you want to send a simple email and turn it into an SMS? This is the right product for you! Send an email from your email client to the following address, entering your number: your-number@sms.technacy.it
The message will be delivered to the specified mobile number.

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Comunicazione sms

81% of Italians own a cell phone


98% of text messages are read after a few seconds


Of these 89% use text messages


33% of the latter respond to the message interacting with the sender

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