Technacy S.r.l. through appropriate organizational procedures provides its customers with technical and organizational support capable of extending the normal service assistance coverage.

The Netmon H24 service provides a 24/7 monitoring of the Netmon platform in order to prevent any operational stops of the service.

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The Netmon H24 service provides
  • 01
    Activation of PRO-ACTIVE CONTROLS

    They enable the identification of anomalous conditions of the platform. In detail, the automatic controls that are carried out concern:

    • Good functioning of the NETMON infrastructure consisting of NETMON CORE MACHINE, FRONTEND FIREWALL and BACKEND FIREWALL. A NEGATIVE control of one or more of these components results in the opening of a BLOCKING TICKET.

    • Smooth functioning of the APN infrastructure controlling the VPN which allows mobile traffic to enter the NETMON infrastructure. A NEGATIVE control of this component gives rise to the opening of a NORMAL TICKET and starts an automatic reset procedure. In the event that the reset procedure fails 3 times, a BLOCKING TICKET will be opened.
    • Distribution of monitoring probes. The monitoring probes are special stations equipped with SIM and USB DATACARD that carry out automatic controls on the quality of the APN system. These stations are located throughout the territory also in order to check any network anomalies in strategic areas for the customer.

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  • 02
    Ticket opening system

    Registered access, through the portal it will be possible to open and manage the entire process of a support ticket, it being also possible to control the solving times. The PRO-ACTIVE control system described above will automatically create tickets within this system, enabling the control of all existing failures and of the entire work process followed. 4 TICKET types can be opened:

    •  Indication

    • General Request

    • Reporting a problem

    • Reporting a blocking problem

    PRO-ACTIVE controls open a ticket qualified as a “reporting a problem” when referring to a NORMAL TICKET and a ticket as a “reporting a blocking problem” when referring to a BLOCKING TICKET.

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  • 03

    With this type of contract, SLAs are activated on the tickets with the following management times:

    • Generic request/indication. Taking charge of the ticket in the next 4 working hours. In the following 16 hours as of taking in charge, the ticket will be evaluated and a plan will be made in agreement with the customer.

    • Reporting a problem. Taking charge of the ticket in the next 4 working hours. Problem solved in the following 16 working hours.

    • Reporting a blocking problem. Taking charge of the problem in the next 2 hours, and the solution of the problem will be compatible with the extent of the problem and will take place immediately and simultaneously as taking charge of the problem.

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  • 04
    Toll-free number

    A special toll-free number accessible only by people who will be agreed upon as company contacts will be activated. This number allows the opening of tickets 24 hours a day. The registration of the ticket will take place through an automatic system.

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